interesting tasks at the interview

    Hey. I was at an interview in one well-known company and solved 4 logic problems, which I want to publish here. I don’t know how ethical it is to write the name of the office, although the office is too famous to be called :)) the
    tasks are as follows:
    1. In the language of the 'Geese' of one African tribe, the following numbers are written in words. Language is real, real acting.
    57 emerongo etano na itano na ibere
    82 emerongo etano na etato na ibere
    230 amagana abere na emerongo etato
    308 amagana atato na itano na itato
    705 amagana atano na abere na itano

    Write 28 and 837 in this language.

    2. From the chessboard of 8x8 cells, the lower left and upper right cells were cut out. Is it possible to cover this chessboard (taking into account the cutouts) with a 2x1 square parquet. Parquet floors cannot overlap and protrude beyond the boundaries of a chessboard. The answer must be clearly proved.

    3. Is it possible to order a set of seven such weights so that they can weigh any bar of gold weighing from 1 gram to 1 kilogram? A bar of gold weighs an integer number of grams, weights can be put on both scales.
    (my note: the text is not literal, but I conveyed the meaning, I think): i.e. no matter how much a bar of gold weighs from 1 to 1000 g, it is necessary that with this set of weights it is possible to find out its exact weight)

    4. A person has a chain of seven consecutive links, and he wants to check into a hotel for a week. The owner of the hotel requires a fee of 1 ring from the chain for 1 day, but on the condition that each day the owner should have as many rings as the client spent days in the hotel. Can a person check into a hotel if he agrees to make only one cut in a chain of rings?

    for everything - 1 hour.

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