Where to get electronic components

    This post is not advertising, I do not belong to the company Farnell.
    I would like to share with the Habr Community a very good supplier of electronic components.

    Since recently I use them exclusively.
    A few words about Farnell.

    When the question arose of ordering MBED, there were 8 companies to choose from.
    Walking through the sites, I chose two

    After registering on the first site and choosing the desired position, I joyfully switched to the design, and here I was waiting for a “pleasant surprise”.
    FedEx International Priority® $ 188.36
    FedEx International Economy® $ 131.41
    With a device price of about $ 85.00, delivery didn’t please. Of course, I understand that Vladivostok is not the closest city, but I’m not ready for so much delivery.

    Then I decided to try my luck on the second site.
    To begin with, I was pleased with the Russian language. A trifle but nice.
    Also, after registering and choosing the right position, moving on to design, I was waiting for a second pleasant surprise, namely - 20 euros per 10 kg ! That is how dear% username% is.
    Then, deciding not to limit himself, he added a couple more prototyping boards, servos and other nonsense. I paid by card and waited.

    I made the order at 12 o’clock in Vladivostok (+11 GTM), at 19 o’clock I received a call on my cell phone +44 in the beginning of the number. The sweetest girl called, who apologized to me in PURE RUSSIAN for the fact that they cannot ship the whole package to me and that it will be sent only tomorrow, because the goods are in transfer between the warehouses.

    In fact. The order was placed on February 12. fifteen!!! February I received the parcel from the hands of the courier.
    I am still in shock.
    After receiving the evening I received a call from Farnell and asked if there were any claims!
    And this is with the total price of the order a little more than 150 euros.

    UPD Moved to "I recommend."

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