MiniCap - Screenshot from the command line

    I don’t know how, but for some time I was looking for such a program to take a screenshot of it from a command line (which would allow, for example, to take a screenshot from a script). And some time ago I found it and am now successfully using it. It works flawlessly - for example, it gives me an instant screenshot every time a test script receives “fail” as a result of some single test. Convenient - then I can immediately see it (links to screenshots are displayed in the html report under each fail).

    The program is called MiniCap . Despite the presence of some user interface, it is primarily valuable in that it allows you to do without it and do everything (within its modest capabilities, of course) from the command line.

    On the command line, I (more precisely, the script that uses it) specify the region to be copied, the -exit switch (to close the program as soon as the screenshot is ready), and the switch with the file name. Interestingly, depending on the output file extension, an image file of the appropriate format is created (png, jpg, gif, pdf, bmp, tiff are supported).

    I use it daily, and have never seen its interface, which pleases me. I understand that there are probably a bunch of better utilities, but have not yet found it, but this one suits me. I hope someone comes in handy.

    The Update . The program is only for Windows, unfortunately. I tested on XP and Vista, and here they write that it works on XP, 2000, 9.x, Vista, 7.

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