Opinion about the first conference of web developers in the Urals UWDC 2010

    Greetings to all, now at work early in the morning, after 2.5 sleepless nights (wrote yesterday), while I am still able to think, I decided to express my opinion about the past UWDC 2010 (First Ural Conference of Web Developers). I would like to tell what was there. And to envy those who did not appear there)
    First I wanted to thank Anton Rozhkov aka Aneto , for the help shown in registering the room and organizing such a great event, I would also not want to forget the other people who participated in organizing this event, but I can’t list all by name.
    So! I was pleased with the Hotel Hollyday in Chelyabinsk, 4 stars - this is not for you slippers wed .......

    Very comfortable and pleasant hotel, with excellent staff, if I travel to Chelyabinsk, I will only stay there. )))

    Well, now for the speakers.

    Google, Mikhail Ovchinnikov - told us about the services offered by Google, the presentation was at a decent level. But the storyteller surprised me, after the presentation of the report on the topic “Analysis of site performance using Google Analytics”, lost in response to my question: “What are the advantages of Google’s analytical services over Yandex counterparts”.
    Guys this is not permissible! Go to present, be prepared to answer any questions, all the more obvious.

    E1.Ru, Sergey Efimov and Alexey Grachev.I really liked the topic of the report, it was always interesting for me to see live and hear the answers to questions of how they got to such a life. And also listen to how it is arranged inside, such a huge project as e1.ru. Thank you very much it was very interesting!

    UMI-CMS, Ignat Tolchanov , at first a different topic was stated, and it was very interesting for me to listen to the marketing calculations related to this cms, even some questions were prepared, as I considered the possibility of buying an online store on this cms. But unfortunately the topic was changed to “How easy it is to develop umi.cms” and in a compartment with a rotten speaker, the presentation became unbearable and I could not wait for it to finish.

    Comrades from Yandex!They are really good! I would especially like to note the performances of Anton Zabannykh and Andrei Karmatsky. They perfectly told, presented and aroused a very great interest in Yandex products, and not just me. By the end of the presentation of the report on Yandex maps api, there was a feeling that everyone was quiet so as not to “burn the topic”, but now they are jerking about writing services based on Yandex mep! The story about Yandex widgets also really liked, although the topic is not complicated, but the guys fully revealed everything.

    Slightly upset by the report 74.Ru, Eduard Ivanov “Optimization of web applications in PHP” . The report was clearly 'sucked out of the finger' and did not reveal any secrets; there was a brief overview of optimization schemes, no more than 5 minutes. Too bad (

    Turbomilk- A very interesting project idea, I've been watching you for a long time, but the presentation is below average. ((You must be able to introduce yourself to such a creative company.

    Microsoft Gaidar Magdanurov . Oh Gaidar! You are magnificent! I have never met a more excellent speaker! This is not the first time I have attended a presentation of Microsoft products and they always delighted me. But your reports are above all praise. It is a pity that you had only 3 reports. Your presentations even inclined me to the dark side)). Many thanks. Very high quality and interesting.

    There was another Jedi, he was not indicated in the program and was the last to speak. It is always nice to listen to people who know their job. The report was on search engine optimization. Let the secrets of the universe have not been revealed, but listening to a professional is always interesting, especially when you can ask a couple of questions.

    There were many other speakers and interesting topics, but I don’t even remember everyone. All well done. ))

    In general, I really liked the Conference, it brought together developers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Magnitogorsk (I myself am from this glorious city), and heaps of small cities.
    There was a very good atmosphere, good booze between the first and second day of the conference at the Holiday Hotel.
    There were people who found a new job. Everything went very interesting, it is a pity that everything has already ended! It is necessary to conduct such events more often .
    This greatly expanded my horizons, made it possible to see the developers umi.cms, netcat, e1.ru, 74.ru, as well as representatives of such companies Microsoft, yandex, google and others !!!
    There was an opportunity to chat with cool peppers, plowing the same field as me.

    Many thanks to the organizers!

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