The state of things or the machine of Rub Goldberg

    The Way Things Go / Der Lauf der Dinge

    movie directed by Peter Fiscli, David Weiss

    The main character in the film is Rub Goldberg's car. If anyone doesn’t know, or someone has forgotten, I remind you, Ruba Goldberg’s machine is any maximally complex unit designed to perform the simplest function possible.
    The film is a short film. The short film is interesting (the number of methods used to transmit movement is huge) and very funny in places (“walking legs mechanism”, “jet engine boat”, etc.). In some places, it is dynamic (complex and fast movements, playing with an eccentricity) and bewitching (calm and measured movements of water, mild chemical reactions). But in general, it is definitely cognitive.
    I advise all lovers of mechanics, as well as those who are not sick of popular science cinema (though, in this case, rather an arthouse).

    By the way, the car shot in a short film was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest and longest.

    You can download it here (

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