Mysterious bug copying files while running Opera 10.10

    Guys, excuse me for a slurred post, but the situation is so amazing that I don’t know where to turn.
    Spoiler: Of those supporting the Opera, they have never answered me :-(

    My girlfriend gave me this flash drive:


    Kingston DataTraveler 112 8Gb

    The gift came in handy when my previous one has recently failed. To my displeasure, after a while I found that copying large 1-2 gb files can stretch over long periods of time - up to one or two hours instead of 5-15 minutes. Those. the timer for the remaining copy time suddenly began to increase the count up to hours. I sinned on a way out of a standing flash drive, because the glitch occurred on different computers with different versions of the operating system of the Windows family and formatting the flash drive did not help. At the same time, I noticed that sometimes the flash drive worked fine, and the case never overheated.

    It’s a long story to tell how, but I found that the common feature of all computers is the installed Opera 10.10. As a result, I discovered that if during copying files to a USB flash driveOpera 10.10 was launched, then the copy speed drops below the plinth .

    Habralyudi, what do you think about this matter, maybe someone can reproduce this problem?

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