IOgraphica - mouse tracking

    I was surprised to learn that on Habré no one has yet covered such a wonderful program as IOGraphica.
    What is it for?
    In fact, it sketches all the movements of the mouse cursor, and at the place of its stop draws circles, the larger the circle - the longer the cursor was in this place.
    For example, 20 minutes of active browsing: Or 3 hours of active work in Photoshop: The background on which the “graph” of mouse movements will be drawn can be left white, or you can “take a picture” of your desktop with windows.

    I personally don’t see any practical value in the program (unless in order to find out which part of the screen the cursor is most often located, or which window / icon / something else you are most often accessing), but it's pretty funny to play around. Particularly interesting pictures are obtained after a long game in some shooter.

    In general, I advise you to download and play :)

    PS: An early version of this program was called MousePath

    PPS: There are versions for both Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

    UPD: By the way, I found a bunch of pictures with this program:

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