The main enemy - I myself!

    I sketched a long, but corny theoretical unfinished article and called it “Am I Gordon FreeMan?” (see the meaning of these words in the dictionaries), and then my wife came and said that I wrote a sad shit. I almost erased everything.

    So, a fresh bunch of embellished UG, in continuation of the painful :

    If you and I have already made some friends, let's move on to you.

    Eat or go eat already, tear your ass off the screen

    Is there any need to explain that while eating another portion of ravioli / pizza / salad / pasta (underline as necessary), many of us stare at the ZombieJailer or the Pisyuk Window. Do not. Cover / Muffle / Turn off and quietly eat the concoction.
    What for? When we eat and watch something, we eat a lot more, and along with the food, the information we receive is sucked in and what’s worst is without any processing. Who does not understand - each time it will become thicker and tired. And non-British scientists have found that if you get distracted while eating, the grub flies past the center of pleasure, and you fly past pleasure as "plywood over Paris." If you don’t think that you need to enjoy eating, go and bury yourself in the ground, because you are all made up of food!

    Send to Hell (or the Basket) a good part of your muses. collections

    Reflect on the content of the songs you are listening to. If you understand not only Russian, but also Albanian to the heap, think about songs in this language. Notice in the song the negativity or gloom and difficult fate - her, not embarrassed. This does not apply to music without words, as well as most Soviet and Russian songs until 1980.
    And this is why?Everything that we listen to quite often (the most favorite tracks) affects us with the help of the non-magical effect of repetition, on which all modern advertising is based. In other words, it is a gradual programming for certain feelings, thoughts and actions. Sometimes you disobey Yuri Loza and sail away on a raft into a depresnyak. In general, we love to suffer and feel sorry for ourselves. And our favorite songs usually reflect our most unsuccessful concepts in life (like, "I loved him ... but he left ..."). But in order to deal with all this once and for all and think that you are listening - not everyone has the brains.

    Forget the Zombies

    No comments.

    Watch movies carefully

    No, you shouldn’t look out for the blunders, rather follow the plot - look for the discrepancy between the nasty actions of the characters and further positive events, this usually doesn’t happen in life, but they hang noodles abundantly on your ears to think that way.
    Well, one more thing! I watch movies for entertainment, not for thought. And the subconscious mind records everything, especially reinforcing bad deeds with a good ending. Thus, we have stereotypes unrelated to reality that destroy our whole life (for example, “I did this with complete confidence, but it did not work out what I expected ...”). In general, if you like to fool your brain - continue in the same vein.

    Remember: you live in the best country!

    I won’t write about it better; more criticism will be raised. I did not write this.


    Isn’t that so? With whom else do we need to strive to control, if not with us? I still do not get as good as I would like. And you have?

    If you’ve already done something from this list , it’s worth continuing - write in the comments — I’ll put pluses :)

    PS: I came across an interesting intriguing cartoon on the website , which we already wrote about on Habré at least twice, but, I would like to draw attention and ask to see all the parts, starting from the end. I would also like to hear your opinion on this.

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