A few chips for learners of English

    1. Anonymous chats : omegle.com, chatroulette.com
    2. Helper sites : kwiz.me, kimir.org, englishtips.org
    3. Podcasting : eslpod.com, effortlessenglish.com, npr.podcast.com, businessenglishpod.com ,
    4. Download movies / TV shows, then subtitles for them. You can view it with a slowdown in the VLC player for better digestion. I also recommend a comedian show, for example, Important Things with Demetri Martin - you will not regret it.
    5. On Skype, we are looking for some Indians with SkypeMe status and without hesitation to get to know each other.
    6. When reading a book or watching a movie, it would be nice to prepare in this way: take the text, set the word length and frequency of use in the text and run, for example, this script (PHP):pastebin.com/m7672c2a9
    As a result, we have a digest of words, most of which you already know but the rest is worth learning. And when you watch a movie or read a book, you automatically understand this word.
    7. Pronunciation of words - we put the Russian-> English mode in Google.translate and in the text field we write an English word - it without translation will stand on the right along with a flash drive that pronounces the word. Also forvo.com, howjsay.com
    8. Social services of answers :
    answers.yahoo.com, vark.com
    9. Social networks for learning a language :
    livemocha.com, lingq.com, italki.com
    10. Else :
    nytimes.com, ecenglish.com, urbandictionary.com

    I hope everyone found something useful for themselves :)

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