The first collection of excuses and excuses

    Recently, a project has been created specifically for the Russian-speaking population. The project is a collection of excuses. As you know, excuse (also can be understood as an excuse) is a fictitious phrase or story in order to hide something or to show its innocence to something. For example, when you are late for school, students invent different excuses: starting from simple ones, “transferred my grandmother across the road”, ending with ridiculous or funny ones, “a UFO stole me and conducted experiments.”
    As mentioned above, for such purposes a special collection of excuses, excuses and funny stories has been developed , where anyone can add their own funny story or successful excuse. All materials are viewed by moderators, so you will not see spam and advertising on the site.

    Also on the site lives a wonderful inf named Master of Excuses, he is one of the representatives of the artificial intelligence race. So, if you start to fool, do not be offended very much.

    The creators of the site of excuses are waiting for your feedback and comments, and most importantly their excuses. So let's help each other!

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