- Public transport routes. Continuation

    In December, the site City Transport Routes of St. Petersburg - was presented (See Since then, many shortcomings have been fixed, comments and suggestions have been taken into account. This time we will try to show web 2.0 in its glory, but will it succeed ...?

    Firstly , the most interesting! Now, any visitor to the site will be able to edit all the information about the route, including the trajectory of movement, and also, if the route is not in the database, easily add it by entering the names and drawing the trajectory of movement. Of course, while the addition is semi-automatic. Before updating the route on the site, you have to at least check it for grammatical errors, i.e. the route is pre-tested. But how to be otherwise? (Question No. 1)


    Secondly - you can vote for the route. If the information is correct, put a plus sign, no - the route to ignore. Therefore, the rating can already judge the relevance of the data. All actions are possible without registering in the system (and adding routes too)!

    Thirdly- You can save the found route by creating a permalink, for example, Saved route ! While the “from” and “to” fields are saved, two points on the “from” and “to” map, as well as all routes that were displayed on the map at the time of saving. The number of routes is limited to 10. Of course, I would like to save the ruler and, possibly, text labels on the map, but is it necessary? (question number 2).

    Fourth - Moscow routes have been added , but so far there are only a few. But if everyone adds their own well-known route, then a full-fledged search will work very soon. ;)

    Fifth - the simplest version of the site is available - a complete list of routes. When editing or adding a new route, it instantly appears in the "Pending confirmation" list on the same page.

    Sixth , adding comments to each route, although this will not surprise anyone. ;)

    1. It is possible to add absolutely any city and immediately start adding routes, which means to make a full-fledged website to find the best routes. The city should be detailed in Google Maps. So, further on - all cities and countries. ;)
    2. The relevance of the data!
    3. Considered a lot of comments on the design, operating speed

    upd: October 9, 2010

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