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The box office of large film studios is going wild, but nevertheless they constantly refuse to use the online business model and this impedes progress. According to the head of the movie distribution chain Blockbuster, the greed of the film industry is to blame.

First we need to make sure that major movie studios earn huge box office revenues despite the fact that movie pirates are as high as ever.

However, other market participants (such as film distributors) are barely surviving. “Thank you” for this can be said to film studios, not pirates.

In January of this year, Warner Brothers announced that their new DVDs would not be available for online rental through Netflix for one month from the start of their sales in stores. They hoped that this was supposed to increase their sales, but the most likely effects of this are an increase in piracy and a fall in Netflix profits.

This “step back” was carried out at a time when consumers are asking for access to content on demand, as well as the opportunity to choose a tariff plan that would satisfy their need for watching movies. Studios do not hide their skepticism about new technologies. Moreover, they add all sorts of restrictions in order to increase their profits without paying attention to market signals.

The greed of film studios did not go unnoticed by Paul Uniacke, the head of two video distribution networks, Video Ezy and Blockbuster. “The greed of the studios impedes the appearance of films on demand,” he said in response to their demand to pay huge sums of money in advance for the right to broadcast on demand.

"Movie studios are as arrogant as music moguls before digital downloads and piracy destroyed them. File size is the only thing that still allows movie studios to stay afloat. "
Like large music labels, studios try to control how people" consume "content, which prevents retailers from competing with piracy through innovation. they kill their business, as well as many retailers, while at the same time adding all the blame on piracy.

the consumer wants a convenient, affordable, as well as a high quality product at a reasonable price. However, the efforts of film studios and music nyh labels are directed in the opposite direction - they use the old business model, in order to preserve their monopoly.

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