RubyRPG v0.1a is a simple but fairly deep game written in Ruby


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    In the process of studying Ruby on Rails, I decided to better understand Ruby itself, for which I wrote a simple RPG game in Ruby. In fact, I have long wanted to create my own RPG, but still it wasn’t sticking. And it was on Ruby that everything caught on instantly and the game turned out somewhere in 10 hours ... On the one hand, I figured out the language, on the other, finally, even though so, I took the first step to writing Ultimate RPG Eva Maid. Impressions are quite strong, so I wanted to share my work with the world (i.e. with Habr).


    Physically, the game is a ruby-script that needs to be run from the terminal. No graphics - solid formatted text.

    ruby ./rubyrpg.rb

    Under the cut, a brief manual

    So, the player ends up in a cave where he needs to defeat 10 monsters to get to the room with Ruby.

    Then the monsters begin to attack the player. In sequence. The fight with the monster is divided into rounds.

    Interface description:
    Kyer - player name; HP is the number of lives; MP is the amount of magic;
    The band of stars - life bar - i.e. lane of life (i.e. the same HP, only in the form of a lane)
    ST - Strength - power of physical attack
    FI - Fire - power of fire attack
    IC - Ice - power of ice attack
    LI - Lightning - power of electric attack
    GR - Guard - protection against physical attack
    FR - Fire Resistance - fire protection
    IR - Ice Resistance - ice protection
    LR - Lightning Resistance - protection against electricity.

    Next comes the turn of the player. Everything is very clear here. You need to choose some action: a physical or magical attack, protection either from a physical attack or from a magical attack.

    Here you need to make a remark. The number of spells varies depending on how much Ruby you find in the game. For example, when finding the first Ruby, the Shimmahn spell, a powerful physical attack, appears in the list of possible actions.

    After the player makes his choice, the monster will make a return move and a new round will begin.

    It must be added that the strength of monsters depends on the level of the hero. The hero, in turn, pumps only those parameters that he often uses. For example, if you often attack with ice, then your ability to attack with ice will slowly creep up. Same thing with protection. For each elemental or physical attack, a number of points are added to the defense index from this attack.


    ps. And yes, you can only exit the game by losing. If you need to exit earlier, we resort to extreme measures (for example, Ctrl + C)

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