PayPal Payment Integration - Shipping Prepopulation

    I immediately warn that in fact the topic is not so much informational as questioning.

    we have

    • The site sells some products.
    • The site is written in C #
    • Among other payment services, PayPal is used.
    • All sales are in the United States.


    When buying through PayPal, the administrator receives a letter stating that the address to which the product should be sent is not validated. So the payment doesn’t really go through and manual confirmation is required.


    Understand and repair.

    At first I tried to explore the current mechanism for working with PayPal. It turned out that some kind of control was used which “silently” creates the form, fills it with the information entered by the buyer and immediately sends the form to PayPal. Actually the purchase process is already on the PayPal site.

    This control has no means to transmit Shipping information. But what should we build a house? We fill out the form ourselves and ourselves.

    And here the rake came - how to send this information to PayPal? I must say right away that we have not yet considered the option of obtaining information about a credit card on the site and making payments through the API - I would like to entrust the entire maya with verification of card validity, transaction security, etc. on paypal.

    What options does PayPal provide?

    Website Payment Standard

    Everyone seems to be good - but we have far from one product on the site, so the pre-generated button is not suitable. To transfer a customer's address (billing address tied to a payment) can be used address_overridefor transmission of a group of products you can use item_name_"n", and amount_"n"

    you create an account in sendbokse started testing, turned out so far is such a form and then I can not think of as "prepopulirovat" information about the delivery address . The user enters his site on the site, and I can’t transfer anything to PayPal. Long smoking PayPal manuals only further confuses the situation and finally puts my brain into a stupor.

    By default, the system takes the same address as the delivery address as for payment. And the buyer can then change it, but this approach is not ideal at all, because we force the buyer to enter the Shipping Address twice.

    Payflow link

    It almost seemed to me that he could “save the father of Russian democracy”, but in the sandbox, creating a Payflow account fails - PayPal again and again gives an indistinct error with a request to phone support.

    Payment Pro

    By description, it offers much more features, but
    • payment is made directly on our website (credit card information is entered), which we would like to avoid
    • a monthly fee of $ 30 - the money is small, but it would be better to save it

    I ask for help from the public - how can this problem be resolved?

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