GTD on the iPhone. Personal experience

    Once I realized that it’s impossible to live like that anymore and started looking for ways to manage myself in a stormy stream of time.
    Consistently went to Arkhangelsk and "his" Outlook. After was the David Allen GTD in conjunction with the wonderful My Life Organized . A little more, and I learned about the system of Vasily Sour , which I customized in MLO for myself. But life goes on, everything changes and now I need a system for iPhone.
    As it turned out, the system of Vasily Kisly fits remarkably on many time management programs .

    I will not paint in great detail, but just briefly show "how is it with me." If you are not familiar with the Acidic system, I advise you to familiarize yourself. There are not many letters, everything is capacious and to the point. The system is simple as an ax, but flexible enough.

    The first program that I tried on and adapted to Basil - Appigo Todo

    • Minimalistic enough
    • Full implementation of the Acid system possible due to double recording
    • The name of the task is divided into several lines, thereby completely fits on the screen
    • Sync with, Remember the milk, Appigo Sync

    • Often crashes with a large number of tasks
    • Invalid display of the number of tasks on the application icon
    • Notifications work only with Internet

    The general system for passing thoughts through Appigo Todo: On the phone it looks something like this: The subtleties of the fit are that the projects here are lists. And the main working folder is “In Focus” . You also need to slightly adjust the settings for the new task by default and the settings for the “In Focus” list. An idea came - immediately fix it in the program! Not recorded, consider lost and forgot and did not. With daily REGULATIONS, we clearly formulate tasks, assign them to projects and assign contexts. Next, a thousand times a day we look in the "In Focus" and do, do, do, do! Concerning one small but unpleasant minus - "Incorrect" display of the number of tasks on the application icon

    . In previous versions, this was not, but in the latest version, something broke. It used to be that if a context was selected, the icon displayed the number of tasks falling under that context, and now in general all tasks regardless of context. Confusing. I just can’t get used to it.

    And that is all! The trick is that the system works for you, not you for the system.

    But this seemed a lot to me :)

    The fact is that I use Evernote and Goole Docs heavily, and I did not really like the fact that I need to use another service, even as powerful as Toodledo. I want it easier!
    Recently acquired Awesome Note (+ Todo) on sale . Looked closely ... And what is there for + Todo?
    A pretty good Todo turned out to be.

    • Very nice, comfortable and fast.
    • Minimalistic enough
    • Sync with Evernote and Google Docs
    • Notes and tasks in one place

    • No notifications. Quite
    • Full implementation of Sour is not possible , as there are no contexts or tags
    • The name of the task in one line, long tasks do not fit

    The general system for passing thoughts through Awesome Note: On the iPhone like this: In this case, you only have to operate on projects (daddies) and dates. Invented - recorded. At the REGULATION we put down the dates and scatter everything into folders. The main working screen is “All notes” . Put the completed tasks into the Trash so as not to lose. There is nothing more to say. The main thing is that no system interferes and does not bother. Many do without all these things at all and at the same time live quite effectively for themselves! Power is in simplicity!

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