Do-it-yourself winter gloves for iPhone in 5 minutes

    Everyone knows how good capacitive screens are on the iPhone and other similar devices and how inconvenient to use them in the cold season.
    You have to remove and wear gloves for any reason.
    Today, during a walk, I finally got tired of freezing, typing on the go something in ICQ or in SMS.
    Or juggle gloves while listening to podcasts, answering calls, etc.
    I thought a little and decided to remove this problem for myself immediately upon arrival, just a little improving my fleece gloves. But you can redo any other gloves.
    Under cat, my solution to the problem.
    Who has difficulties with the claimed material, read the last paragraph of the topic, other competitive solutions are suggested there!

    I remembered that at home I have carbon fiber fabric, it is conductive and should work perfectly.
    Cut off a piece of fabric from the canvas, because she very easily “shreds”, on the other hand she was reinforced by gluing a simple Soviet fabric adhesive plaster. By the way, the thing is great, the adhesive layer is not afraid of moisture, and just strong. I take it on all trips for various unforeseen repairs, and not just as a means in the medicine cabinet.
    Having moved a piece across the screen, I realized that you can flip through a large “spot” of material and scroll through the screen. For more “subtle operations”, such as controlling the iPod application or SMS dialing, a smaller contact spot is needed.
    He put on gloves, determined the place where it is more convenient for me to place this “spot”.
    I estimated the pattern for the material and the place of the cut on the glove. Those. the place where the conductive material comes out of the glove.
    I drew a pattern on an adhesive tape already glued, which seemed acceptable to me.
    I made an incision in the glove with wire cutters, and I pulled the pattern obtained by tweezers, or rather its tongue, from the inside out. How and what is located at the same time relative to each other should be clearly visible from the photographs.
    An external “tongue” around the perimeter was fixed with a sewing needle and thread. Slightly “darned” the surface of the resulting cushion from above. Lightly securing thereby non-abrasion resistant material. On good, it would be possible to cover with a mesh of synthetic fabric on top. It would be more reliable, but I have no leisure now.
    Mentioned pad allows you to more accurately feel the place that you need to touch the screen and improves accuracy. Inside the glove, the petal can be arranged as you like best. Capacitive coupling is stable in both positions. The fabric does not interfere, as soft. I did not fasten it inside, because after a short time he will die there and everything will be OK.

    I’m not a seamstress, so I sewed it in a hurry and not too “clean”.
    First of all, I checked the usability when managing the iPod application.
    All elements work on ur. Including such as scrolling the current playback location and rolling back 30 seconds back (see photo at the beginning). Everything else interface management in the phone also works fine. With a set of SMS, the work is also quite acceptable.
    I must say that all the business was 5 minutes no more.
    It took me an order of magnitude more to write time notes;)
    Regarding the materials.
    Where to get such a fabric I can’t answer. In St. Petersburg there is production, in the Moscow region somewhere. High conductivity is not needed, it is also electrically conductive rubber (you can pull a piece from the core of old high-voltage silicone ignition wires for cars), it is possible that even the aluminum sprayed on the lavsan will fit ( full of such packages of products, cartridges from chip printers, coffee in vacuum packaging and etc.)

    I have another solution to the problem.
    for instancewith the help of a needle and a thin copper in enamel insulation of the winding wire, run through the tip of the glove finger , and not necessarily tightly, it is possible with a large step, an area with a diameter of 10 mm or less. For the organization of capacitive communication of fingers with the screen, this will be enough! I think it will be even easier, and there are a lot of wires everywhere. I recommend a diameter of about 0.2 mm. You can make out an old bell, an electric motor from an old toy or player, a burned fan from a computer, ask a friend of the hand, etc. But I just didn’t have it at home at the right time, but I didn’t want to disassemble something, I wanted to check the fabric. Sports interest so to speak. And I got out of my way.
    You can release such a small whale to “modernize” any gloves in 2 minutes.
    There is one more thought how to make it simple. I’ll check if it works, I’ll share it.

    PS I would be glad if I managed to stir up someone’s thought or helped solve the problem.

    The MrPrayer harnesser found and proposed the use of an electrically conductive thread suitable for this purpose. Here is his suggestion:
    “You can use a conductive thread. The
    thread itself can be bought here:
    It seems like they even deliver to Russia not expensive. ”

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