Found brain structures that distinguish successful gamers

    Scientists have found out exactly which areas of the brain help in the passage of computer games. These are just three tiny bodies: the nucleus accumbens (blue in the illustration), the caudate nucleus (orange dot) and the shell (red). By their volume, you can accurately evaluate the success of the future gamer.

    The illustration also shows the hippocampus (in green). His connection with computer gaming abilities has not been discovered.

    Kirk Erickson of the University of Pittsburgh with ten colleagues published their work in the journal Cerebral Cortex ( PDF ). This is the first scientific research of its kind in the world.

    Especially for experience, we developed a simple arcade Space Fortress(based on Asteroids), where the strategic objective is to destroy the opponent’s base, and the tactical objective is to constantly examine mines. The game has a bunch of small features that require special attention.

    During the experiment, half of the players were given the task of scoring the maximum number of points, and the other - to prioritize among several tasks. As a result, it was found that gamers with a large volume of the nucleus accumbens were much better trained in the early stages of the game, and those who developed various areas of the striatum, known as the caudate nucleus and shell, were better able to cope with the distribution of priorities.

    The experiments involved 10 men and 29 women aged 18 to 28 years. The experimental results are fairly accurate and verifiable. True, it remains to verify the purity of the experiment, because the studied brain regions could develop in experimental subjects in childhood when they played arcades, that is, the question of cause and effect remains open. True, each subject guaranteed that he played no more than three hours a week in the previous two years. But according to some experts, such a guarantee is not enough.

    Computer gaming abilities point to more intellectually promising people who are easier to learn. The results of these studies will allow you to determine the areas of the brain that are responsible for learning, so that in the future they can be stimulated medically or directly. Probably, in the future this will be done starting from kindergarten and elementary school, so that children can easily learn several programming languages ​​in the first grade.

    via Cosmic Log

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