Shidonni - Children's Creativity and Imagination at Silverlight

    It's still amazing how developers can apply modern technology in completely unexpected scenarios.

    Shidonni - in my opinion a very striking example! With this interactive application, children can draw animals that come to life - you can play with them, feed them, decorate their world and so on.

    As always in such services, the question arises of monetization. Advertising? Subscription? Here, in my opinion, a very interesting way - a painted toy can be ordered. She is embroidered and sent - watch the video . And everyone is happy :) Recently, Shidonni won the prestigious international online competition “Parents' Choice”.

    Technologically, Shidonni is implemented on Silverlight. The project was created by Russian-speaking developers in Israel (where the service has several thousand users), translated into several languages ​​- and in December it was launched in Russia, their office is in Chelyabinsk.

    By the way, now they continue the picture contest with pets - until January 28. Details of the project can be found on the blog and twitter .

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