@unfollowr wins Shorty Awards thanks to you,% username%!

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    Habrachelovek, I warn you right away that this post is a help post to the wonderful application @ unfollowr (about its purpose - below) and the no less wonderful person @ ibobrik . All technical and other issues I deliberately clean up under cat. Those who wish to help are required only an account on Twitter.

    This year, the second Shorty Awards competition is being held , this time a developer from the city of Minsk - @ibobrik, is taking part. In the apps category, his @ unfollowr app is featured , which I think is used by so many twitter users.

    @unfollowr lets you track people who are unsubscribing from you. After the person stops reading you, you receive a personal message with a notification where all unsubscribed are listed by name. Even spammers who are blocked will not hide from him. To subscribe to notifications, just start following @unfollowr.

    @Unfollowr is currently in second place, but with joint efforts we can help him become the first. If he wins, then @ibobrik will see New York, which of course he really wants :).

    So, if you want to help the developer, then you are required to write a tweet from this page and indicate after because ... the reason you like it, for example, the unobtrusive “I like it” or “it rocks”. You can also send a tweet from any client, just copy the text from the link.

    PS When voting from the ShortyAwards page, by default you are subscribed to their notifications. Do not forget to remove the checkmark;).

    UPD : Attention, if you do not write anything after “ because ... ”In the tweet“ I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #apps because ... ”, the vote will not be counted! (Thanks to dive )
    UPD1 : @ibobrik just organized a link for us , by clicking on which and clicking “Update”, you can vote directly from your Twitter page.
    UPD2 : Topic of good :).

    Uncle sam

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