Portable Stereo for UMPC - USB Only

    Under the cat, my thoughts on the topic and a brief overview of SVEN PS-34 The

    built - in speakers of my Samsung Q1 Ultra (like all other UMPCs) are absolutely not suitable for listening to music. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​using UMPC as a “tape recorder” in nature or in the country seems to me quite attractive.
    Obviously, this idea can be realized with the help of an external speaker system (AS). UMPC is primarily mobility, therefore the speaker system must be mobile. For this reason, we discard stereo systems with external power, and we will not take into account passive speakers due to the disgusting sound quality. USB speakers remain. They are active acoustics that receive power via USB.
    For a long time I looked at portable USB speakers, and on the eve of New Year 2010, I opted for the SVEN PS-34 portable audio system. In this short article I will talk about her.
    Here I brought such a nice box from the store:
    The decisive argument in favor of SVEN PS-34 was the possibility of not only their classic separate layout:
    but also an unusual combined one - Soundbar:
    The Soundbar option is much more attractive for “field” use, because you have to deal with everything one unit that connects to the tablet with just one wire.
    In the last photo you can also see the buttons for controlling the audio player and volume.
    The audio system also has headphone and microphone jacks.
    Since the Samsung Q1 Ultra does not have a jack for an external microphone, this can be a nice bonus and come in handy, for example, in order to record a podcast with a high-quality microphone.
    Of course, I will not conduct any instrumental testing of a 4-W stereo system, I will only say that they have enough power to block the noise of an ancient washing machine without bouncing along with water pouring into the sink. Yes, it’s in the kitchen that I use a bunch of my Q1 Ultra and SVEN PS-34. In nature, I won’t pull me out in such frosts, and washing dishes with music is not so boring :)
    In conclusion, I’ll say that the price of this audio system is about 700 rubles, so I made a budget present for myself for the new year.

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