Kodak vs. Apple and RIM. New lawsuit

    Kodak entered the war zone. Kodak’s trial with Samsung had just ended, as company representatives found new lawbreakers. Now it’s the turn of companies like Apple and Research In Motion. Kodak accuses iPhone and BlackBerry makers of stealing the technology used in the cameras of popular mobile devices. Kodak demands to stop violating the law, that is, essentially, to stop selling the iPhone and BlackBerry, as well as to compensate them for the damage with the sum of the amount not yet specified. Kodak holds over 1,000 patents for digital imaging technology, and almost all of today's cameras are based on them. Who will win this dispute?


    Kodak - a company founded in the 19th century and whose contribution to the digital world no one can challenge, in the 21st century is rolling downhill. Kodak really doesn’t care. Digital cameras are now being produced in Singapore, film has become a thing of the past, assets for OLED developments have been sold to LG - all that remains is to get into scandals to remind yourself at least from time to time.


    More recently, a dispute has been resolved with South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung, and in favor of Kodak. They managed to reach a bilateral agreement, on the basis of which both manufacturers can use each other's specific patents. The U.S. International Trade Commission during the trial found Samsung guilty of breach of agreements. Now it’s time to look for the truth and those responsible for using the method of extracting the image during the preview on the LCD. This method was patented by Kodak back in 2001. Apple and RIM are accused of patent infringement on the use of this technology.

    The situation is rather complicated, and knowing the American commissions it can be assumed that the trial will drag on for 10-12 months. On the other hand, analyzing the situation, we can conclude that each of the companies considers itself right, since they could not agree peacefully. By the way, about peaceful ways. More than 30 companies decided not to tempt fate and licensed the development of Kodak. Such companies include Nokia, LG, Motorola. Thanks to previously developed technologies, Kodak plans to earn $ 250-300 million a year from payments and deductions for the right to use the technology in 2011.

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