Page for the lucky owners of IE6

    Finally, I decided ... All new projects will now have a special page for Internet Explorer 6.

    Having studied similar solutions on the Internet, I decided to create my own page. Russian text scraped a little from different projects and edited to your taste. Design deliberately and intentionally used Microsoft to somehow raise the bar of trust for those unfortunate people who are still sitting on IE6. I hope they won’t blame me for this, especially since it was done exclusively for Microsoft’s long-suffering customers.

    Big picture

    Russian, English and Latvian texts in order. But German and Arabic - stupidly translated by Google translator. Alas ...

    I decided to share with those who are lazy to spend their time on this.
    If someone does not like the text - change at your discretion.
    If some languages ​​are not needed or others are needed - everything is in your power.
    If someone makes a normal translation into German or any other language and puts it in the public domain, I will be grateful.
    Use on health!

    PS Pages in IE6 are displayed correctly. I do not pretend to be perfect code, and why is it in the page only for IE6.

    UPD: Thanks to the source source ! A translation of the German version has been added to the archive ...

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