Parallel Nanotechnology (No. 161)

    • My new "old" MacBook Pro (and all sorts of changes in place)
    • Based on a post about the backwardness of Russian innovations (and other bananotechologies)
    • Visiting Parallels Senior Virtualization and Storage Vice President Stanislav Protasov. About how the software business works, do programmers go to the West, why we don’t have money and how Apple influenced Parallels (in the light of Parallels Desktop 6 developments)
    • Where in Moscow to buy English-language books?
    • RPW ™ Podcast Joins The BoBs
    • Help win a ticket ! (it costs you nothing, but I may be lucky)
    • What do and I have in common ?
    • New Year sale ! Netbook! Navigator! Tangent Quattro!
    • Smiley Caps by dimm - Cover Artist for This Podcast!
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