And what is inside the subject?

    Before the onset of the new calendar year, I thought about the new school year. That is, about what will happen next fall.

    Students of the specialty "Information Systems and Technologies" in the curriculum for 3 (!) Course have the subject "Information Technology". What should be lectured there is approximately understandable, it can be found. But what should be there “in practice” - well, nothing concrete anywhere.

    The Internet suggests that someone gives “Corel Draw + Photoshop”, someone “working with databases on the example of Access”, someone “Fundamentals of working with ... {well, in general MS Word + Excell + ...}" ...

    The audience of Habr includes many students, including this and related specialties. In this regard, the question: what is given (given) to you on this subject both in lectures and in practice?

    Thank you all in advance!

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