Audio game "Devil's Tuning Fork"


    Today I got a wonderful game, work on which has been ongoing for 6 months.
    Here is what the author writes:
    On the night of Friday the 13th to Saturday the 14th, we released a new play creation. Six months ago, my university assembled a team of students from the Department of Computer Games and set the task: to develop and release an original game for the Independent Games Festival in six months. Thought – thought and decided to make a game where the player will “see” through the sound.

    Inspired by Escher's architectural concepts and the ability of dolphins to echolocation, we set to work. In the summer, we worked every weekday from morning to evening, but the autumn period of development had to be divided with studies, so we worked mainly only on Fridays. But now I am pleased to present to your court the first public release of the game Devil's Tuning Fork (in Russian Devil's Tuning Fork): . And yes, the game is free and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Each week or two new versions of the game will be released, so the project will expand and, we hope, we will be able to increase the potential of the original idea.

    The DTF abbreviation turned out to be quite demanding on the video card, so if your card is below the level of GeForce 7600 (Nvidia) or Radeon X3650 (ATI), then you can simply watch the video on the site.

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