Great selection of indie games *. Part four

    * or what to do all weekend for six months in advance.

    The fourth part, the last for today (or maybe not. Details - at the end of the post). I hope that someone alive (after three parts!) Gets to here :)

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    La mulana

    La mulanaA long platform game in the style of Indiana Jones, mostly based on Konami's Maze of Galious and other MSX computer games. It is incredibly complex, it includes brutal boss battles and difficult puzzles, but thanks to this, it has earned numerous fans (masochists).

    Free .

    Mount & blade

    Mount & bladeThere are many games whose action takes place in the Middle Ages, but only a couple of them are drawn to the title of "realistic simulators." The game, in which the cavalry battles are implemented so lively that you really feel yourself in the shoes of a warrior, could not fail to please thousands of players around the world. The user directly controls only one character in the game, but can recruit and train soldiers to help in the battle. The game is notorious for its openly-unfinished gameplay, but nevertheless it is worth it to leave it for a few days.

    $ 30 on the developer's site. Officially published in Russia by 1C .


    PeacemakerThe topic of politics and racial conflicts, in order to avoid problems, the "big" igrodelov are unlikely to ever touch. And it’s sad, because there is great potential for games of this genre that will make us think about the pressing problems of society. Thank God there are indie developers in the world who can't do anything :) Peacemaker skillfully imitates the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while trying to make the game as impartial as possible.

    $ 20 .
    Windows, Mac OS X.


    FaçadeAn interactive story game using the latest English speech recognition algorithm and artificial intelligence technology. In it, you will find yourself drawn into a tense conflict of a married couple, Grace and Trip. Their speech is not scripted in any way and is generated in real time. Your task is to answer them as quickly as possible so that their marriage does not break up. The New York Times called Façade "the future of video games."

    Free .
    Windows, Mac OS X.

    Sam n 'Max: Episode One

    Sam n 'Max: Episode OneOnce upon a time, when the "big" adventure games sunk into oblivion, all that black humor so dearly loved by the fans went with them. Sam n 'Max, a game about the glorious villains created by Steve Purcell, was one of the most impudent and fun games, but we all spoiled it. Fortunately, Telltale Games decided to bring the infernal couple back to life in an episodic game series. Sam and Max never looked or sounded better. The New York Times newspaper included this game in the list of the best games of 2006.

    $ 9 / episode .
    Windows, Wii, Xbox 360.

    Penumbra / Penumbra 2

    Penumbra / Penumbra 2A first-person action game using Cutting Edge technology to immerse the player more in his dark world. The physics engine manipulates objects directly with the mouse, increasing the terrifying atmosphere ... so if you hear something outside the door, you put the cursor hand in there and push yourself, opening the door. Head-to-head combat is the last hope of salvation in a battle against creatures that you can meet in Penumbra: they work in groups and use game physics to their advantage, surpassing the player in this. It scares the hell out of you!

    $ 20 .
    Officially published in Russia by 1C. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X


    GalateaBefore us is a non-traditional representative of the games of the Interactive Fiction genre . Galatea is an extremely interesting and complex character (according to legend - a revived statue). Her answers vary depending on the mood (which, in turn, changes depending on your questions to her). There is no other purpose in this game than to study the mind of a living statue, but it is an exciting activity that is replete with pathos, existentialism and mythology.

    Free .
    Cross-platform (over browser, java-powered).

    Little Fighter 2 & Naruto The Setting Dawn

    Little Fighter 2 & Naruto The Setting DawnThe Chinese two-dimensional fighting game Little Fighter 2 bribed me with simple controls and all the riot of bloodless cartoon fighting that occurs on the screen between twenty fighters. And the multiplayer supported by Hot-Seat was very useful when guests visited me :) Naruto The Setting Dawn is a chic add-on that changes the game beyond recognition. All the characters of the original are replaced, the game mechanics have changed, the abilities of the fighters have become stronger, and the gameplay of the game is generally faster. And you don’t have to be fans of the Naruto series to comfortably play this mod.

    Free .

    Rubber ninjas

    Rubber ninjasWrapped in a three-dimensional bottle of Ragdoll Masters, slowed down by various goodies, as before, it continues to entertain us with its easy-to-look, but challenging gameplay inside. Caution, this is terribly addictive!

    $ 20 .
    Windows, Mac OS X.


    SoldatThunderstorm of all offices, a terrible dream of bosses and just a great multiplayer two-dimensional shooter - Soldat will appeal to everyone. This is one of the most addictive small games for the company - it’s so much fun and skillfully killing each other’s friend which few games can allow you :)

    Free .
    Windows, Linux (server only).

    Plasma pong

    Plasma pongIt may surprise you, but ping pong can be beautiful. So beautiful that the riot of colors is simply stunning. Based on the classic Pong, Steve Taylor managed to make a small indie masterpiece. Wired News named Plasma Pong one of the best games of 2007.

    Free .
    Windows, Mac OS X (?). Because Since the rights to the Pong trademark belong to Atari, the author had some problems. Many thanks to LLIAMAH for the link to the game.

    Another world

    Another worldA masterpiece of the indie igrobuilding of the last century, Another World already compares favorably with its counterparts in the genre by the perfectly worked out animation of the main character, a hint of an interesting plot and not the easiest gameplay. “The earth was created six days. “Another world” took two years ”- under this slogan the game came out from under the keyboard of its only author - Eric Shayi.

    $ 9, but you can probably find the old version for free .


    IjiThree years - and we have a very high-quality indie shooter. Daniel Remar added some RPG - the ability to level the main heroine in seven skills. A game of one but a great evening.

    Free .

    I would like to add a few more games to this list, but I didn’t play them, as a rule due to the lack of finances for their purchase (for example, I really want to describe the game Aquaria). Therefore

    Attention! The search for brief descriptions in the format of this topic of the following games is announced:

    • Super satan sam
    • Akuji the Demon
    • Aquaria
    • Teppomanto
    • ADOM
    • Saira
    • Sumotri dreams
    • Eufloria
    • Trine
    • Audiosurf
    • Rameses
    • Crayon physics
    • Democracy
    • Mutant storm
    • Veck
    • Makibishi comic
    • Gunroar
    • Death village
    • Rose and camellia
    • Fraxy
    • Cloud
    • And anything else of your choice.

    You are kindly requested to send all descriptions to me with an inbox, or, if you are not a Habrahabr user, send me the mail indicated in the profile. Sent more descriptions - invite to Habrahabr! Hurry up! The number of good games without a brief review decreases very quickly;)

    Given the previous experience, I specially publish this post on Friday. From time to time it happens that I find some kind of magical game that few people have played, and I talk about it on my Twitter - you might be interested in following me :) Those who are

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