Migrate birthdays from your phonebook to Google. Calendar

    Many Windows Moblie users are likely to be actively using Google Sync . In particular, this is a very convenient thing, not only for synchronizing events in the calendar, but also the simple implementation of a backup for the phone book (no one has lost phones for a long time?). Actually, the combination of these two functions will be discussed further.
    Due to the not very good memory for dates, I write the birthdays of friends and acquaintances in the phone’s address book, but I still don’t always get to know about the upcoming birthday. So what to do so that there are reminders of the upcoming holiday? Transfer the dates of birthdays to a calendar that can work as a reminder.
    The solution is still quite long in time (I spent a couple of hours on about a hundred contacts), but I am ready to listen to other suggestions, if any.
    So we need:
    1) Google account
    2) A phone with Windows Mobile and configured synchronization with Google (see link above)
    3) Known dates of birth of friends (I took from VKontakte and notebook)

    1. Enter all birth dates in Google Contacts. Select the contact name - change - set the date - save. And so for everyone.
    2. Transfer contact events to your calendar.
      The most interesting moment of the process. How to transfer birthdays to the calendar.
      We go to Google Calendar - in the window of other calendars we click "add - view interesting calendars - additionally - birthdays and events of contacts - Subscribe". We have a calendar with birth dates ready, now you need to transfer them to your calendar, because only it is synchronized with the phone. To do this, I had to select each event through the menu of the agenda of events, then “copy to my calendar” - Repeat = Every year - save.
    3. We synchronize our device and now it has contact reminder birthdays.

    UPD: Two more solutions.
    GreaseMonkey , thanks Aivean
    Google chrome , thanks Putin

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