Google Chef: “Only villains worry about privacy online.”

    If you’re concerned that Google is collecting personal information about you, then you’re doing something that’s not worth it. At least that’s how Google CEO Eric Schmidt thinks.

    “If you want to hide something from everyone, it might be better not to do these things,” Schmidt said in an interview with Consumer News and Business Channel.

    Of greater interest is the fact that Schmidt admitted that in some cases the search giant is forced to disclose information about personal data.

    This information may be the cause of the subpoena. Or the target of a hacker attack. But if this bothers you, you should be ashamed of yourself. According to Eric Schmidt.

    Gawker notes that Schmidt’s thinking has changed revolutionaryly. In 2006, Google introduced an annual moratorium on interviews with CNET reporters for publishing information about it found using Google, including about salary, hobbies, ex girlfriends and extramarital affairs.

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