Co-location or Collocation?

    Currently, hundreds of hosting companies offer their customers the service "server hosting" at their technology sites. This service has gained immense popularity due to its availability and effectiveness. At the same time, the vast majority of hosting providers that provide this service, refused to use the understandable Russian term “Server location” and replaced it with the overseas “Collocation”.

    Currently, the question is still open, how to write the borrowed word:

    "Co-location" / "Colocation" or "Collocation".

    As can be seen from the comparison, the main problem is the use of one or two letters "L" in the spelling of the word.

    If we turn to the dry statistics, it turns out that Google searches for 3,640,000 sites for Colocation and only 532,000 for Collocation.

    It would seem that the answer to the above question is obvious. Especially if we assume that “colocation” is a derivative of the words “cooperative” and “location”. However, such an assumption is erroneous!

    If we turn to such respected dictionaries as the Oxford English Dictionary and Webster’s English Dictionary, it turns out that the term for “placing something” comes from the Latin word “collocare” (Latin “place together”), and naturally suggests two letters "L" when spelled correctly.

    To use the correct spelling of the word “Collocation” when selling their services or to follow the erroneous opinion of the majority is a private matter for everyone.

    However, in our opinion, the only true way out in this situation is to use the phrase “Server placement” without cluttering up our great and powerful with unnecessary, and, moreover, erroneous borrowings.

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