Be the authors of your life!

    “But what about our future, Doc?”
    “Your future has not been recorded anywhere, Marty.” And a draw. So make him worthy!
    Final film "Back to the Future"

    According to psychology, a person can relate to any event or phenomenon in his life from two positions: the position of the Author or the position of the Victim.

    In the first case, a person recognizes his role in shaping reality, takes responsibility for the aspect of life under consideration.

    In the second, man divides himself and the outside world, shifting responsibility outside.

    It is much more productive in any situation to proceed from the position of the Author, and here's why.

    Firstly, referring to the past from the perspective of the Author, you can see your weaknesses and figure out how to strengthen them. And also feel your role in successful affairs, which will strengthen self-confidence. Compare: “data loss occurred because there is not enough weekly backup, I’m setting up daily” versus “such-and-such Micro $ oft, again the Windows flew and half a screw got bogged down”. It is clear that the first look at the situation is more effective for life.

    Secondly, in the present position of the Author gives a sense of control over the situation, albeit not absolute, but to a certain extent strong. For example, if you are a leader, then a regular check of what your department is doing gives you a sense of the situation and you feel how things are going under your control. And if you simply gave a task and did not follow up on its implementation, and a month later you were surprised at an unfulfilled task - “poor subordinates, they can’t do anything normally” - you will not have control over the department.

    Finally, thirdly, if you are afraid of the unknown future and are used to relying on horoscopes, signs, and so on, and don’t think about your role in shaping life, there’s a great chance that you won’t come to your dreams. And assuming that you can influence the future with your actions and direct in the right direction, you can realize your dreams in practice.

    More information on how to develop an author's life position can be found, for example, at Psychologist.

    I summarize. It can be seen how a small change in attitude towards things can dramatically change efficiency. Be the authors of your life!

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