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    Not so long ago, the faculty of Management in the field of Internet technologies launched a space design project . We have chosen five designers who will create user-oriented websites in a team with our students. The customers of the sites were large companies: the Luzhniki Olympic complex, Beauty & SPA Consult, an online store of designer hats and accessories SaninaIsaeva, the ITrainings project, and the innovative educational company RMA.

    Swiftly and boldly overcoming outer space, our project was racing towards the start in full steam, but, unfortunately, it was not possible to avoid losses. One of the designers fell out of the shuttle and was lost in an unknown galaxy. Now we are looking for a replacement!

    A designer who agrees to become part of our team and participate in a large-scale usability battle will receive a special prize - two months of training at the Faculty of Management in the Field of Internet Technologies for free. Work to be with the Olympic complex "Luzhniki". We look forward to your portfolio in the mailbox to the head of the faculty Yulia Lesnikova: lesnikova@rma.ru.

    PS If customers are satisfied with the work of designers, cooperation in the implementation of projects will continue.

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