The Semantic Future of the Web - SemanticFuture.Net

    Dear readers, over the past three months we have been collecting materials on semantic technologies. As a result, we created SemanticFuture.Net to analyze the applicability of semantic technologies and tools, such as Semantic MediaWiki, Virtuoso, OWL and Sparql, to Russian-language resources.

    On the pages of the Semantic Future we will:
    1) collect relevant information on modern semantic technologies and services, on all that will, right now or in the near future, have a positive impact on the development of the Web;
    2) make a presentation of our work and achievements;
    3) organize meetings and thematic events;
    4) test semantic software products and select specialists for you to introduce semantic technologies into your systems and products.
    Who are we?
    We are the Semantic Web User Group (SWUG).

    The history of the creation of the resource Semantic Future is here !
    Registration on the Semantic Future project server gives you access to the “knowledge store" - the central part of the project - implemented in the SemanticMediaWiki - . Today, registration of participants is by invitation only.
    Exchange of views, questions, discussions - available on the forum , news aggregator - on . (open registration).
    Main sections of the resource:
    Semantic Web
    Linked Data
    Future Web
    We hope our resource will be useful to you

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