Creation of 3d robot hands in flash (help request)

    Good afternoon!

    I have a question. There is C ++ code that uses OpenGl, which works with a robot arm based on some data. The task that the program module with this code solves is 3d visualization of parameters (is the initial position of the robot set correctly).
    What it looks like is shown in the attached figure (sliders control the position of the camera).

    My task is to make such a visualization on the Web. The choice fell on Flash.

    Accordingly, the question is for all programmers, and just who can help: where is the best place to start?


    I found the Sandy engine, is it difficult to implement such a little thing in it (before that I did not deal with 3d before). A simplified implementation is possible - the goal is simply to show the position of the manipulator in 3d - whether the operator entered the data on the initial position correctly or not, and to enable the robot to twist.

    If there are people who are ready to help not just with links and take part in the development - write in a personal email with examples of work, we’ll agree. I myself am interested in the task and I want to figure it out, but there is also a certain period (a week, a maximum of two), for which it is desirable to implement this module.

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