Founder of Nival Group plans to invest $ 5 million in a new game for social networks

    Orlovsky’s new company, Nival Network, is now in the “process of getting investments," Orlovsky said. He does not name an investor, adding that the deal can be closed before the end of the year. The company needed the funds to develop the Prime World game, on the basis of which Orlovsky builds a social network. The project budget is $ 5 million, while the usual cost of developing a game for social networks is from $ 50 thousand to $ 100 thousand, says Orlovsky. He explains the high cost of the project by its scale: it will be a multi-player strategy, similar in quality to a full-fledged client game, but in a social network. It will be fully developed by Nival Network itself without the purchase of a western license. The budget of the previous project of Orlovsky, the client Allods Online, was $ 12 million, the official site of the Zvorykinsky Project reports.

    Orlovsky’s former company, Nival Online, which publishes and develops online games (including the same Allods Online), became a part of Astrum Online Entertainment in 2007, a holding controlled by Digital Sky Technologies (DST). Orlovsky does not explain why he started a new project outside the holding. It is unlikely that a startup Orlovsky will be able to buy licenses for serious games: they are expensive for a startup, said Vsevolod Leonov, vice president of business development at Astrum.

    DST is also interested in Orlovsky’s new project and can get in it from 10%, they say
    an employee of one of the DST companies and an investment fund manager. But a manager close to DST does not confirm this. Now 70% of Nival Networks belongs to Orlovsky Talco Global Inc., and another 30% - to Boris Nuraliev, a large distributor, software manufacturer and publisher of 1C games.

    1C singled out online games and transferred them to several companies, including Nival Networks, a 1C representative said. The company did the same with the publication of games on disks: most of it went to 1C-Softklab. Nival Networks manages several 1C game projects (for example, King's Bounty, Bashers), said Orlovsky.

    $ 5 million is an atypical budget for games on social networks, says Nikita Sherman, founder of the producer of such games, Drimmi. This is a budget for a "heavy" game, designed for professionals, the audience of social networks does not play such games, so at one time the American Zynga refused to produce a game with a similar budget for Facebook.

    via zvorykinproject

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