Modern education in practice or what is taught in the 21st century

    I am in shock. I would even say a little rude, but I will restrain myself.
    In the courtyard, it’s already almost the middle of the 21st century (well, there’s a little left), spaceships plow through themselves, that we
    are surrounded by various nano and not very nano technologies, and our education, together with the country, is making another technological leap ...

    Sent me a friend a couple of scans asking for help to answer a few questions.
    Well, I think, okay, why not help, but after looking at the questions I fell into a light stupor.
    Actually, here they are (clickable): I understand that education is a conservative thing, but not as much. That's all. Sad and sad.

    PS I had a chance to “work” with a computer keyboard (“Byte”, “Search”) and hands trembling with excitement to print a box with a new, still smelling motherboard under the 386th processor (and on the table there was a pretty decent device with XT) well, I felt a lot of other things at that time ...
    For reference: the last external mathematical coprocessors disappeared, if I am not mistaken, with the advent of 486 processors in the mid-90s of the last millennium.

    PPS I almost forgot, answers to questions 6 and 8 are accepted :)

    UPD. I reloaded on the shaks and additionally uploaded to the radical, I did not think that the shaks would send ...

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