The final version of the Opera 10.10 browser with the Opera Unite platform


    November 23, 2009 - Oslo, Norway

    Opera Software today announced the final version of the Opera 10.10 browser with Opera Unite, a technology for the personal exchange of content between different devices. Opera Unite is available as a standard browser option, which can be downloaded for free at:

    Opera invites you to join the Internet revolution. The combination of a web browser and a web server in one software package allows you to change the usual notions of semi-private methods for exchanging data between users.

    “We promised to“ reinvent ”the Web using Opera Unite,” recalled Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software. - In practice, we “reinvent” the way consumers interact with the Web. The ability of our devices to act not only as consumers, but also as distributors of information makes us equal "citizens of the Internet." Previously, we were forced to transfer control of our personal data to a third party in the form of web services. Opera Unite gives you the freedom to choose how to distribute personal data. ”

    Key features of Opera 10.10:
    - Have you ever given access to 10 GB of photos located on your computer’s hard drive using a browser? Try the Photo Sharing app for Opera Unite.
    - Have you ever listened to compositions from your home music collection from your mobile phone, game console or office computer? We recommend using the Media Player app for Opera Unite.
    “Have you ever made coffee, waiting for the web page you need to load?” Opera Turbo speeds up the loading of content on low-speed channels up to 8 times compared to other browsers.

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    Why do we believe in Opera Unite:
    - Using Opera Unite, we become equal users of the Internet. Our computers, telephones, game consoles can not only consume, but also distribute data. Now we have a choice with whom, when and how to exchange information.
    - The possibilities of personal devices are growing. From on-board computers in cars to entertainment systems on airplanes, from netbooks to phones, any device can not only receive, but also distribute content to other users.
    - Our devices will get such opportunities that they did not have before. A direct connection between them will change the way we interact with applications and data. For example, a mobile phone can become a home electronics control panel, and friends and family members will have access to the data they need stored on your computer from anywhere in the world.

    Creating applications for Opera Unite:
    Opera Software invites talented developers to create new applications for Opera Unite. Opera holds a contest for the best application for Opera Unite, in which everyone can participate.
    Contest details:

    Links: Opera Unite Feature
    Screenshots of Opera 10.10 browser
    Download Opera 10.10

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    Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in developing web browsers for desktop computers, mobile phones and other devices. The Opera browser has received worldwide recognition from users and manufacturers due to its speed, compactness and greater proximity to standards than other browsers. Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with regional offices in several countries around the world. The company's shares are traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker OPERA. More information about the company:

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