Overview of NAS i-Stor iS607

    There is such a network disk array. And I decided to share this joy with the Habra-public. A small review.


    So let's go

    Technical specifications:

    • HDD: 2x3.5 '' SATA (I or II)
    • RAID: 0.1, JBOD, Spanning
    • Chipset: Storm SL3516
    • Supported Protocols: CIFS / SMB, NFS, FTP
    • Host Interface and Data Rate: Gigabit Ethernet
    • Management: Web-interface and telnet (by default), ssh (from Optware package)
    • Size: 14 (width) x24.5 (depth) x8.3 (height)
    • Weight: 1.1kg
    • Arm-Processor: FA526id (wb) rev 1 (v4l)
    • RAM: 128Mb

    This is how the i-Store 607 looks from the face

    And here it is from behind

    The Web interface looks similar

    This wonderful device has a capacity of 2 hard drives and serves as an excellent network storage.

    I use it as a torrent client, while it is 24/7 on distribution.

    By default, it has btorrent + an absolutely dumb and uncomfortable web face, a bug was also detected, after reboot all distributions disappear, which is a wild inconvenience, for those who would like to use it for p2p file sharing.

    More detailed information about its technical side can be found on the official website.

    Its cost varies from 4 to 5 kilo rubles, which is a fairly low price for such devices.

    Detailed review iS607can be read on hardwareportal.ru I
    did not copy-paste “ Habr - not a place for copy pasteors ” (c) the rules, and I myself do not like this.

    The most important reason I decided to write this article in this happiness is the Linux kernel and the BusyBox package. You just need to install the Optware package , which includes all the necessary software for managing packages (including all dependencies) and we can already install various software with a straightforward command: ipkg install PACKAGE_NAME , of course, it is advisable to do ipkg update before that , and if you just installed the package Optware, then still do not forget the ipkg upgrade . Here is an article

    uname -a
    Linux torrents 2.6.15 #160 Thu May 29 14:11:48 CST 2008 armv4l GNU/Linux

    Describes how to install the Optware package on the iS607 .

    As a torrent client, I would suggest installing Transmisson:
    • convenient web face for management
    • There is a GUI software for Windows, poppy, tench for remote control.
    • after the reboot of NASA, everything is perfectly restored and distribution continues.

    As a result, I can say that with such a price and functionality, the i-Store 607 is an excellent choice for a home and a small organization.

    PS: maybe I, of course, as an editor, and not really, but I just wanted to share my feelings about this mini-miracle.
    PPS: I ask you to write here in the comments what is wrong in this post, what is missing and what is superfluous, it’s just my first post and I feel so far not very confident.

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