English for Losers: Self-Tested

    Good day,% username%

    I want to share my experience in learning English after reading English for losers

    What happened

    1. learning English at school (I didn’t know much after graduation)

    2. after school learning English with a tutor once a week 1 hour (understood the basics)

    3. 4 years of English at a university with a good teacher (translation of
    technical texts)

    As a result, I could read technical texts with almost no vocabulary. I did not understand the conversation.

    What came to

    Began to understand spoken language

    How did you come to this

    After reading the article “English for Losers” he began to watch the animated series “South Park”. At first I watched a Russian series, then in English with subtitles every day on one series. Before season 9, English was in a daze. When watching one episode of season 9, I realized that I began to understand what they were talking about! It happened right away. Now words and phrases are not translated into Russian to understand what is said in the head. For the study, I also think the articles of Ilya Frank helped . It seems to be a simple truth, but unfortunately only recently understood. We do not need English, but to read an article or a conference to listen to some luminous person from the IT field

    If you wonder how much time it took me to do this, then you can say 0 hours! Although I reviewed almost 100 episodes in Russian and in English, I did this during lunch while sitting at a computer.

    An important nuance. I began to understand English speech after I turned off the subtitles. When there are subtitles, they take up a lot of attention, and speech is not as well perceived as without subtitles.

    Do not kick hard for someone it is and has long been known truths.

    The purpose of the article was to share experience, confirm that the method described by korsakov works, does not require much time and effort. I got and enjoy watching South Park .

    If you still don't understand spoken language, start watching movies right now.

    Please write in the comment how you came to the process of understanding oral speech

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