Runetology (29): Deputy Director General of RuTube Vladimir Barabanov

    Deputy Director General of RuTube, as well as ex-head of online magazines,, Vladimir Barabanov talks about the glossy press in Runet, analyzes the current situation on the video hosting market, shares RuTube's plans for the near future, and also offers to the president of the Russian Federation a worthy occupation at the weekend.

    Guest Interview:
    • Publishing houses and RuNet
    • YouTube and RuTube: what is the difference between Yu and Ru?
    • UGC vs. professional content: who will win?
    • RuTube and profit
    • Is Gazprom the perfect leader?
    • Is Vkontakte waiting for the fate of
    Discussed events:
    • Russian Forbes is interested in the audience of Facebook and Linkedin
    • TNS counted Runet users
    • Yandex offers to test Snezhinsk
    • Clones of the ranking of Yandex blogs
    • VimpelCom intends to develop Aport
    • In RuNet, about 15 million sites were accumulated
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