It's time to make money with your mind!

    At Opera, we love innovation — and not just the ones born in our company. The Internet is the environment where innovation is the most common today, and it turns out that it is here that they find the most fertile ground for being implemented. However, implementation, as you know, requires money, and the more “innovative” the innovation, the more complex and multifaceted it is, the more it is needed.

    We sincerely want worthy “Internet” ideas to get a chance to be embodied in the form of really working web services and applications. That is why we decided to support the open competition of innovative projects in the field of Internet technologies "Web Ready", organized by the Ingria Business Incubator and supported by the Administration of St. Petersburg. Opera Software acts as an organizational partner, and in addition, a company representative Vadim Makeev (aka pepelsbey) as part of the jury of this competition will take part in the selection of eight of the best projects that will compete in the final round on December 17.

    Beginning entrepreneurs, authors of innovative ideas and project leaders in the field of Internet technologies are invited to participate in Web Ready. Moreover, both projects at the early stages of development and development, which already have a prototype and planned time for entering the market, are allowed to participate in the competition.

    More information about the conditions of participation can be found here:

    As for the prizes, they are quite solid:
    I place: 600 thousand rubles.
    II place: 300 thousand rubles.
    III place: 100 thousand rubles.
    Audience Award (for a video about the project): laptop

    Equally important, participating in the competition, the innovative project will be evaluated by experts, one of whom will be a representative of Opera Software, and the author of the project will have experience in presenting to potential investors, and, possibly, development funds from venture capitalists, they are also on the jury ;

    The competition will run until December 17, 2009 and will end with an award ceremony, an exhibition of startups and project presentations to investors and experts, including Opera Software representatives.

    Collection of applications will last until November 24.
    And may the force come with you!

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