Google enters the mobile market

    Today, Google has signed a contract to purchase AdMob , a platform for selling ads on mobile devices.

    After analyzing the prospects for the development of mobile applications, Google hastened to get a good piece of mobile pie, and for very decent money - the amount of the transaction is 750 million dollars.

    Google cites the following statistics:
    • Google-search through mobile phones has increased 5-fold over the past 2 years
    • A quarter of iPhone and Android users spend about 90 minutes a day on applications on their phones.

    Google especially highlights the benefits of every mobile device stakeholder:

    This deal will help publishers of mobile applications to increase the monetization of their content, and will allow them to focus on consumers rather than on the pursuit of profit.
    Advertisers will be created optimal conditions for their advertising - more relevant advertising and a wider audience.
    And end users of mobile content will be able to get more high-quality free and low-cost programs.

    In addition, Google’s entry into the mobile content market will increase rivalry in this industry and create strong competition for AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

    AdMob founder Omar Hamoui (did not translate this difficult last name into Russian ) emphasizesthat Google’s purchase of his company is a big step forward primarily for AdMob. The company will continue to work in the same mode, each working group will continue to do its job, just now, with Google support, all this will be even better and more professional.

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