Teamwork at Google Docs

    This topic and how to effectively and free of charge organize the work of employees in your company using Google Docs.

    The month has come to an end, it’s time for you to pay salaries to employees. And why pay her? What did each of your employees do during the month? Most often in companies I use the “monthly report” form, in which the employee randomly (or in some form) writes tasks performed during the month, i.e. shows the bosses that he didn’t drive a bastard, but worked for the good of the company.

    There are quite a lot of tools on the market today that allow employees to report on their work to superiors, but I want to offer you the implementation of this venture on Google Docs. The latter is so good because you can easily remake it to your own characteristics and, naturally, Google is free.

    So, the task: at the end of the month (or at the end of each day, as anyone likes), the employee must fill out a report on the work done.

    Solution: create a document form in Google Docs that looks something like this:
    The following important elements are in the form:
    1. Select your full name (a list of all your collaborators)
    2. Select a date (unfortunately Google does not have a “date” field form - but you can simply write it in the format DD-MM-YYYY)
    3. Choose the type of work (here you yourself think up 10-15 types of work that your employee may have)
    4. Description of the work (for example, choosing the type “Preparation of internal documents”, the employee describes his “Preparation of the TK template”)
    5. How many hours did he spend (just indicate a figure, for example 5)

    Do not forget to give the link back to the form in the “Edit confirmation”, as if you fill out the form immediately in a month, you will have to open it many times.

    After filling out the form, the data will fall into the table, in approximately the following format:

    I usually call the Sheet where such data falls - "Sources", and on the next Sheet "Transformed" I make a copy of this table (in each cell I write [= 'Sources' ! cell]

    And then I add the columns I need, which will be needed later.

    The next task is to display a beautiful report for each employee for each month, for this you can make another Sheet - “Report." On it we want to choose the employee and month and get the next information:
    a) How much time trudnik spent on each type of task
    B) How the workload of the employee was distributed during the month (by day) C
    ) The result. How many hours were spent working this month — how much money to pay :)

    These reports can look like this:
    (Here, to calculate the amount with three conditions (name, month, type), I use the aggregated column G (sumif) from the “Converted” sheet. This little trick is due to the fact that Google does not have the necessary formula as in Excel)

    (Here, to summarize under two conditions (DAY, name), I use the column H (day) from the "Converted" sheet) I

    suggest I want to look at this document in GoogleDocs follow the link:

    UPD!I recommend reading (on the Sources page) that the residents of Habr wrote when they tried to fill out a questionnaire (neatly a lot of obscenities and obscene language)

    If you want to see formulas and stuff - download an Excel copy: (this is Yandex.Disk)

    If you want view (or fill out) the Google form:

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