Mono Support Available in Visual Studio 2010!

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One of the cool things about Visual Studio 2010 is its improved multi-platform support . Initially, this function was intended to be able to support both versions of .NET 2.0 and 4.0, but in reality this means that Mono can also be one of the platforms for choosing in Visual Studio 2010.

For example, like this:

In order to get this choice, you need to unzip this file at C: \ Program Files \ Reference Assemblies \ Microsoft \ Framework \ .NETFramework \ v3.5 \ Profile

After that you can take your .NET project:

Go to the project property tab and switch the profile to Mono 2.4:

Now your project will be compiled using Mono assemblies, and the IDE will highlight methods that Mono does not contain, for example like this:

In addition, IntelliSense works:

And Object Browser:

We are very pleased to see this feature that should help people more easily create Mono-compatible projects without switching from Visual Studio. As soon as VS2010 is released, we will release profile packages for each new version of Mono.

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