How the travel industry learned to monetize Twitter

    It is well known that Twitter can be used as an effective marketing tool in almost any field. And while Twitter experts are puzzling over the monetization of the service, many companies have appeared that have found ways to use the platform to make money on their own. In the tourism sector, where the task of delivering last-minute prices to end customers will always be relevant, a couple of interesting projects have appeared. This is a new Twitter-based hotel reservation service that offers a win-win solution for hotel managers and travelers who urgently need to book a hotel room. To do this, just follow one of the Inoqo channels on Twitter and track the current “burning” deals for each city. For example, London hotels launch their offers through @ 2LondonHotels. It should be noted that hoteliers who have been hit hard by the crisis are happy to post “sweet” prices. As soon as the customer finds an offer, he can place an order through his own Inoqo reservation system.

    Inoqo is free for travelers, but hoteliers are charged a fee for each booking transaction. The company has plans to create an affiliate program that will allow bloggers and website owners to insert widgets. helps tourists on the other hand. The service will help you post your hotel requests on and connect with users who will help you find or recommend a good hotel in their city. The request will also be delivered to hotel and apartment managers, which gives more options for choosing a good offer.

    PS. Involuntarily asked the question: will Russian tour operators start using twitter to broadcast their hot tours? If so, who will be the first? So far, the TEZ TOUR is considered the most technological company on the market.

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