I am indignant, Netbynet is a scammer! Does the future have its own provider?

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    The idea to complain in Habré about the injustice of large telecom players has become a kind of trigger for the adoption of the latest decisions. There are plenty of examples of this and I hope my story will not go unnoticed.

    It so happened that a few years ago I connected to the Internet provider Netbynet (then in the Otradnoye district he was called Degunino). Over the past two months, the Internet has begun to disappear, and not for minutes and hours, but for days. By indirect signs, the cliff was not in my house, because I saw the broadcast packets of neighbors wonderful, and somewhere on the highway. The support was fed with regular “breakfasts”, it wasn’t connected with the management (prohibited by the regulations), all complaints to the local office in writing, in general, the standard situation is for Netbynet.

    The manager phoned my next telephone complaint just yesterday from the phone 980-28-00 from the Netbynet company and told a fantastic story about the housing cooperative of my area and that supposedly all the providers except one (the name was not delicately named) are forcibly evicted. And if I want to get the Internet, I have to subscribe to a cleverly written by someone statement or to deal with HBC myself.

    Given the fact that ZhSK and a friend and comrade to any tenant, I decided to find out their opinion on some issues. As it turned out, despite the fantastic story about the eviction of providers, I have a choice of at least 6 operators, to which I can easily connect, because they have an agreement with this housing cooperative. The notorious Netbynet, in spite of all the assurances of their managers, did NOT HAVE and DOES NOT HAVE agreements with this HBC on the installation of its equipment. Well, as a result of occasional uncontrolled attacks in the attic, I was once again denied access and an offer to sign a contractual relationship.

    Here are two stories of one problem. I don’t know who to believe ... But the fact that the Internet is not working remains to this day. Given the fact that Netbynet is a subsidiary company, i.e. each district has its own office (branch), it is not clear why the parent organization is still loyal to the branch of the North-Eastern Administrative District (Otradnoye) and allows such mistakes.

    It is interesting that Habr-readers and company representatives think about it, if they are here.

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