Liaise - read minds and transform into actions

    Liaise is an Outlook plugin that analyzes your letters as they are written (in real time), creates tasks and notes them on the calendar.

    Liaise analyzes key words and phrases and suggests related actions.


    For example, you write a letter to a friend Bob.

    I need you to send me the tickets for the concert next Tuesday.

    Liaise (right while you type) - creates a new task “Send concert tickets,” assigns it to Bob (recognizes the word “you” and associates it with the To field), and sets the due date for next Tuesday.

    Cool little thing. "Isn't it cool?" Steve Jobs would say and be right. Watch the video - it’s all shown in action.

    Liaise also recognizes incoming messages, associates them with threads and allows you to mark tasks as completed and much more.

    While this is beta, only Outlook and only in English. For some reason, it seems to me that these guys will be bought by Microsoft very soon.

    What else I would like to see is integration with other email clients and instant messengers. Integration with bug tracking systems and calendars would also be useful.

    What bothers you - the approach is used upside down. In a normal project management system, the movement should go from tasks to notifications, but vice versa. However, for many organizations and individuals that do not recognize anything other than email, it will be extremely convenient.

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