Interesting Song Facts

    The site is a collection of facts about various famous songs.
    How songs were born, what is meant in the text, and what interesting happened next with the song and its creators.

    For example, the line of the Beatles song they borrowed from Disney Snow White, how the song Metallica got into the Warcraft game, which actually means the word “schizgar”, what John McCain wanted from ABBA, and why Jim Morrison nearly chopped up the brand new Buick with a sledgehammer.

    As well as photographs, lyrics, translations (including poetry) and something else.

    In a separate line I would like to mention the promising section with MP3: if we write that the song is actually a cover or plagiarism (well, who didn’t tear?), then we usually insert the track. And some do not believe until they are convinced with their own ears. Say, on the page about the song Besame Mucho, you can download an aria from one Spanish opera and hear suspiciously familiar notes. And there Radiohead, and Eagles, and Deep Purple, Sting and the Beatles also “burnt” ...

    The site, in the best traditions of the modern Internet’s webdvo, is equipped with comments and voting: you can send your favorite fact by clicking above to make other readers start with the most delicious. Well, of course, you can add your own fact: in fact, it’s hard to resist if the site has not yet been written, and you know exactly why, say, Nothing Else Matters starts with enumeration only on open strings.

    Well, setting off to wait for the habraeffect, I would like to add that we are trying not to limit the "repertoire": the site has (and will have) a lot of DIFFERENT songs, so that no one will leave at least once without saying “Wow. Wow! Did not know!".

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