ProkatVsego - rental and rental catalog of anything you want

    Hello habrasociety! We want to submit to your court our ( vano , vbykanov ) first full-fledged startup dedicated to the rental and rental of anything in Ukraine, and soon in other countries. is a thematic free bulletin board aimed at the segment of offers and requests for rental and rental of just about anything. Worldwide, the topic of rental is quite popular and many companies are engaged in this, providing for rental and rental a very large range of goods and things - from bicycles to helicopters and luxury yachts.

    But in the post-Soviet space, unfortunately, this topic has not yet received enough attention, despite the obvious advantages of rental:
    • you spend an order of magnitude less money on rent than on purchase; in addition, you get the opportunity to take for temporary use the thing that you still can not afford to buy
    • you save space in the apartment / garage / hangar / office by returning the item to the rental agent after use, which is especially true for seasonal items: after all, why buy skis or a snowboard if they will be in the pantry for most of the year
    • you save time on choosing a rental item, because you only take it for a while, and not for a lifetime, and if you don’t fit or like it, take another

    And the advantages of ProkatVsego are its lightweight and convenient design, well-thought-out interfaces and lack of advertising.

    Our project started on September 1 and now it is visited daily by more than 500 unique visitors. In the database today there are already more than a thousand announcements of rental and rental of various things, equipment, cars and other things, among which there are, for example: BTR 152 , anti-gravity boots , Segway scooters , hookahs and much more.

    A project was implemented on the LAMP platform by two people, its founders, without involving additional participants. Active work on the development of the project took about three months.

    Now on the site you can:
    • register as a private person or company
    • add offers or rental requests to both registered users and new users without prior registration (an account is then automatically created using the email specified in the contact details for the ad and a random password, which will allow the user to edit or delete the ad in the future )
    • choose one of 14 categories and one of 170 subcategories for the announcement
    • place an ad in any city in any region of Ukraine (we will soon finish the list of regions and cities of Russia, as well as other countries)
    • upload photos to ads
    • indicate different cost options for different units of time (minute, hour, day, week, month, year)
    • add tags to the ad
    • indicate all possible communication options - from email and phone to Skype and, of course, Twitter
    • contact the creators of the ads through the form if the ad owner does not want to show his email
    • search ads by headings, text, regions, categories, tags

    Now the project works in beta-mode, we are actively introducing functionality from our tracker and no less actively adding new tasks there. In the future, we plan to implement a number of additional features, as well as launch local versions of the project in various countries and regions.

    Constructive criticism and rave reviews are highly welcome. Thanks.

    PS More extensively, the topic of rental is disclosed in the blog of one of the founders - vano .

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