Monopoly City Streets: a million lemmings cannot be wrong

    In recent days , many articles have already been written about the game Monopoly City Streets . If you still do not know where and how much, follow the links, I will not repeat. As you know, an online game advertises an offline board game with the same name. Its creators clearly did not expect such a stir, otherwise I would have thought in their place that there would be something to advertise here, because you can earn much more on a virtual monopoly. How? But also, oddly enough, I haven’t read anywhere else, this game could have other huge benefits on a global scale.

    1. Огромная увлеченная аудитория
    2. ???
    3. Profit

    Egor and I sat on the couch and looked for free streets in our native Akademgorodok. There were no free streets, but streets that could not be bought were indicated on the map. They are not in the database. “It would be great if streets could be added,” Yegor said. Indeed, the game takes street data (in any case, it says so from the bottom right) from the project , and you can add streets there!

    We have the following scenario - on, the streets are clearly marked not all and some with errors. The data from this site, as I understand it, can be freely used in your projects. So why not use a million greedy lemmings to fill up the street base?

    There would be such an opportunity, I would personally note all the unmarked streets in my city with the expectation of taking them. An experienced user will immediately indicate a possible problem when people go to mark the left streets somewhere in the forest away so that no one sees. Of course, we do not need non-existent streets. But, firstly, we still have a million lemmings that can not only mark streets, but also knock on those who mark the wrong streets. + and - similarly to Habr, for example. Secondly, for one person to put a limit of 1 street per day. Somewhere to limit the possibility of adding within large cities, so that they are not noted in the forests. Everything is simple.

    At the same time, within the framework of the game, this process could go much more efficiently than adding directly to, in the end, players have something to lose if they are spotted. And the players have an important motive - greed.

    Honestly, I thought that they did so, but my honestly added street did not appear immediately, or a day later, or even after the restart. Although I deliberately sat waiting for a time lodge with a post, what if it was updated nevertheless! On the other hand, it is possible that they froze the base precisely because they were afraid of millions of lemmings who would go to add streets. No need to be afraid! It was necessary to use them for their own purposes!

    In general, the game turned out pretty boring. You don’t have any bonuses while owning neighboring streets, or you’re happy to have famous big streets (why look at other topics on Habré), the game is a little more than completely linear. I see today I woke up late, but ALL the streets were already occupied. The people must have noticed and created bots for themselves, now they are exchanging captured streets. In general, nifiga is not interesting and does not increase universal entropy.

    And it is a pity that the developers squeezed out 3 percent of this interesting idea.

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