Microsoft Edge for macOS

    Last month, we  announced the  first pre-builds of the next version of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Now we are pleased to announce that the Microsoft Edge Canary channel has also become available for macOS. Now  on the Microsoft Edge Insider website  you can find builds for computers with macOS and Windows 10, and soon support for the Windows version will be expanded. 

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge for macOS

    Microsoft Edge for Mac

    Microsoft Edge browser for macOS will offer users the same new features as in the preliminary versions for Windows, but its interface will be adapted for the Mac platform. We are changing the interface and functionality according to what macOS users are used to and expect.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge for macOS

    We strive to make Microsoft Edge a world-class browser with unique features and related services. In this first release, we made a few changes to the user interface to align it with the design of Microsoft, but at the same time to make it natural for macOS.

    The changes concern macOS fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, headings, and other elements. In future releases, we will continue to change the appearance and functionality of the browser, we will experiment and respond to user feedback. Therefore, tell us about your impressions using the Send feedback emoticon.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge for macOS

    In addition, we are developing ways to interact with the user, exclusive to macOS, based on special hardware features of the Mac platform. So, users can perform actions and access context commands using the touch panel (Touch Bar). For example, you can access website shortcuts, switch between tabs and manage videos, and use familiar navigation using trackpad gestures.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Edge for macOS

    Introducing Microsoft Edge Insider feeds for macOS

    New Microsoft Edge pre-builds for macOS are available through pre-release channels, which we call Microsoft Edge Insider channels. We start by launching the Canary build channel, which you can get on the Microsoft Edge Insider website  . This channel is already available for macOS 10.12 and higher. Soon we will open the Dev channel, and when it becomes available, you can download and install this assembly in parallel with Canary. You can find out more about our approach and what to expect from different channels in  our posts over the past month .

    Screenshot from Microsoft Edge Insider

    Consistent platform and tools for web developers

    Due to the fact that our new builds are based on Chromium, you get the same rendering in both versions of Microsoft Edge - for both Windows and macOS. In addition, you get the same access to powerful developer tools.

    For the first time, web developers can test sites and web applications in Microsoft Edge on macOS and be sure that they will work the same in the next version of Microsoft Edge on all platforms. (Note that platform-specific features, such as decryption of PlayReady content in Windows 10, should still be monitored separately for the best interaction with them on these platforms).

    Like the pre-builds for Windows, our new version for macOS also supports Progressive Web Apps, which are installed on the standards and can be checked and debugged using the developer tools in the browser. We are working to ensure that such applications can be comfortably used along with other platform applications, so after installation they will be displayed in the Dock, App Switcher and Spotlight like any other application. 

    Your feedback is important to us

    We are pleased to share with you our first build of Microsoft Edge Canary for macOS! We need your feedback to make the browser better, because we believe that the browser should be as convenient as possible for macOS users. We hope you  try the preview today and look forward to your feedback and participation in the Microsoft Edge Insider community.

    If you have any problems or want to leave feedback or suggest something, you can leave a message on  the Microsoft Edge Insider community forums , contact us on  Twitter,  or simply use the “Send feedback” command in the Microsoft Edge menu, to share your thoughts with us.

    If you are a web developer and have encountered a problem that reproduces in Chromium, it is best to report a bug in the Chromium community  . For reporting issues in the current version of Microsoft Edge, please continue to use the  EdgeHTML Issue Tracker .

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